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My name is Jessica, but my family is the only ones that still call me that, you can call me "Jess." 

I am originally a yankee but I fell for an Arkansas boy and called it my home for over 10 years. Mother to three munchkins, who are my heartbeat. They keep me laughing and on the brink of insanity. I started pursuing photography at about 12 and would "borrow" my dad's basic little camera and begged for black and white film for my birthday. I started pursuing it from a business stand point about two years ago and am so blessed to be able to do something I love so much and allows me to work with some amazing people. When I am not shooting, my life is a really great balance of crazy and boring. Jesus is my rock and He has planted me at the Lighthouse Pentecostal Church. I teach Sunday school and love helping decorate for our church functions and our Christian school. My husband and I love to cook...and eat and I love roping him into crazy household projects. My favorite days are filled with sunshine, sonic and laughter. My passion is to capture memories and moments that translate for years to come.

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